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An Executive Director at Earlsfort Group, our family-run real estate business. I am responsible for all of the group’s commercial real estate activities, in particular our commercial development EastPoint, an award-winning office campus of 38 buildings totalling 1.5m sq.ft. located adjacent to the North Docklands in Dublin. Whilst it is a busy hands-on role, I have made time for my personal interests of writing, speaking and coaching.

I’ve been a property investor and developer for over thirty years now – I’ve experienced two major recessions and maintains a constant lookout for the next. I have bought, sold, built and managed real estate assets from Midtown Manhattan to Downtown Dubai and a lot of exciting places in between. Four continents in total, including a short stint in West Africa.

As a young architect I discovered the extraordinary potential of the property sector back when my first investment gave me a 5x return.  I took that profit and leveraged it into a larger commercial property opportunity and quickly landed a 3x return, I was on a role!  Over the following 6 years I repeated that process to tremendous success and in no time had grown my portfolio to more than 60 million euro in value.

Then came the 2008 Global Financial Crash. All those years of runaway growth had gone to my head and I was not ready for the total meltdown that followed. My portfolio plunged in value by more than 60% and I suddenly found myself with debts that massively outweighed the assets they were secured against – at one point my net worth was 16 million negative!

I spent the better part of a decade in damage control, trying to dig myself out of a very deep hole. I call that period my ‘lost decade’ and resolved to spend the rest of my life helping others avoid a similar fate. Whilst I would not wish that experience on my worst enemy, it’s made me a much stronger investor and granted me a wealth of powerful insights that I feel compelled to share with others.

Today, in addition to my Elite Property Accelerator, I run EastPoint, an award-winning business campus comprising 1.5m sq.ft. of Grade-A commercial office accommodation, filled with large multi-national occupiers like Google, Oracle and Enterprise Ireland.  I could easily bore you with another 5,000 words on all the twists and turns I’ve experienced on this rollercoaster, but I think I’ll save it for the book! However, if you are interested you will find an extended bio HERE.

Whether you’ve arrived here via my podcast or YouTube channel, or heard me tell my story somewhere else, my promise to you is simple and straightforward – confidence as an investor.  I treat my role as a mentor and coach serious, I have seen what careless decision making can lead to, so I’ve put down everything I know and carefully distilled it into highly effective programs, that not only educate, but equip you mentally and emotionally for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead as an investor.

I look forward to working with you.


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