The Elite Property Accelerator kicked off in August 2021. The program comprises both an online platform with video modules and downloadable exercise alongside weekly group coaching that provides members with access to me 3 days a week via a 60min Zoom call. The program is designed for active investors looking to scale up and implement what they are learning across their own portfolios. The coaching call times vary to accommodate member schedules but anyone who misses a session can watch it back in their own time via the recording available in the members only Facebook Group.

The program gives you access to tips, tools and templates that will help you elevate your game, make you stronger and push you further, faster.  There are monthly deep dives with guest speakers covering their specialist topics, regions or strategies, there will also be site visits and deal forums to review member deals.

The program will introduce you to a community & network of like-minded individuals with similar goals, facing similar challenges. There is weekly thought leadership & accountability through private Facebook and WhatsApp groups. You will have me encouraging you to be innovative and to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  You will receive personalised advice, tactics and non-generic strategies to help you achieve your goals with a weekly cadence & routine to keep you laser focussed on the ultimate prize.

In addition to the group coaching you get access to the online video training program – this is broken into 15 modules going deep into various areas of the property investment and development process which I believe are important to have a strong grasp of.  Each module has multiple videos which break the learning down into further levels, there are also workbook PDFs with checklists and thinking exercises.  The 15 modules cover 3 categories (a) the INNER GAME, (b) the OUTER GAME and (c) EXECUTION


  • Roadmap – your vision for the future & strategies for achieving it, winning habits, behaviours, etc.
  • Resilience – building a robust mindset and business capable of withstanding market ups and downs.
  • Restraint – taming the mind, understanding cognitive bias, developing your discipline to thoroughly vet each deal.
  • Rejuvenation – optimising your time, understanding the importance of mental wellbeing and physical health.
  • Relentless – developing the persistence, tenacity, grit, drive, confidence and beliefs to succeed in this business.


  • Radar – creating deal flow, learning how to originate deals, spotting and catching a good opportunity.
  • Relationships – building & maintaining your network, understanding motivation, aligning with shared values.
  • Reputation – how to develop your profile, enhance your reputation, bringing professionalism and integrity.
  • Recruitment – identifying and securing key talent that compliments your skills, finding your core team members.
  • Raising – working with investors and lenders, raising senior debt, mezzanine debt, equity capital vs sweat equity.


  • Research – analysing opportunities, producing feasibility studies, due diligence, comparable evidence.
  • Risk – the various types of risk, assessing the risk/reward ratios, mitigating risk, de-risking a deal.
  • Reserves – financial management, cash flow management, diversification, building wealth and the money mindset.
  • Resourcefulness – spotting the opportunity, creative solutions, innovation, thinking outside the box.
  • Reaction – urgency vs patience, timing the market, decision making, committing to and taking action

My goal for the Elite Property Accelerator is simply for it to be the best property training program on the market, at any price point. My goal for each member is to finish the 12-month program feeling utterly transformed, with all the knowledge, skills and confidence required to succeed in this sector along with the motivation, mindset and talent to build long term sustainable wealth.

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