How I wish I had a mentor to speak with back when I was staring out.

I’ve made so many avoidable mistakes over the years, all because I didn’t know any better and had nobody to call for advice. Having someone with a little wisdom and experience in your corner can make a big difference to your career and your investment performance.

I started my mentoring program as a way of giving back. I do not charge for my time, however the amount of quality time I can realistically devote to a one-to-one mentoring program is quite limited so I take on just 6 mentees per year to maintain a high value experience.

If you’re interested in joining the mentoring program please fill out the form below and I will be in contact. In the event the program is full your name will be added to the wait list for the following program. I have been exploring options to scale the program so I can reach more people.

Note: the mentoring program covers a number of universal topics and themes impacting real estate, your career and the potential success of your investment portfolio. As a result of thus I accept mentees from any location and this years program has applicants from both the US and the UK.

In the event you are unsuccessful is joining this years program you will pick up a lot of knowledge and expertise from my content and so I recommend to all applicants that they sign up to my newsletter and follow me across my various social media profiles.

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