PropTechTV on YouTube

PropTechTV explores how technology is transforming the real estate industry with the aim of guiding property investors through the rapidly changing landscape, outlining strategies designed to fully optimise your asset portfolio. On this YouTube channel you can tag along from week to week as I take you through my thinking and decision making processes, testing & implementing products and speaking with various real estate innovators and thought leaders.

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Gavin J Gallagher on YouTube

I’ve had my own personal YouTube channel since 2011 where I mostly posted travel and family vlogs. In 2018 I started posting work related videos with a focus on proptech and this led me to setting up PropTechTV. I have begun using this channel to post behind the scenes vlogs that document my successes and failures as I attempt to transition from my traditional real estate career to an online entrepreneur and speaker.

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One of my more popular real estate videos remains the Top 10 PropTech Influencers which I uploaded in 2018. Click below to watch…

EastPointDublin on YouTube

I started the EastPointDublin YouTube channel in 2019 as an attempt to reach out and communicate directly with the young people working for the various occupiers at EastPoint. These videos have proven very popular and a more successful way to engage with the thousands of millennials than the a-typical community email.

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