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Honey I Blew Up The Business with Dan Kirby
21 July 2021

Sharkpod Podcast with Luke Curry and Mark Baker
27 June 2021

The Journey to Financial Freedom with Craig Prickett—How-do-you-come-back-from-16-million-in-the-red—Gavin-Gallagher-e13g6a7/a-a602le8
23 June 2021

The Art of the Acquisitions Podcast with Dan Taylor
3 May 2021

Progressive Property Podcast with Kevin McDonnell
5 April 2021

Commercial Property Investor Podcast with Jerry Alexander
11 February 2021

The Alternative Leader Podcast with Mari Williams
7 October 2020

Billionaires in Boxers with Phil Pelucha
29 September 2020

Game of Loans Podcast with Sam Norris—Shoedogging-His-Way-To-Property-Success-with-Property-Investor-Gavin-Gallagher-ejnrvc/a-a37sm5q
17 September 2020

Irish Fire Podcast with Michael Houghton
28 July 2020

The Bread Winner Podcast with Pauric Hilferty
9 June 2020

Always Free Podcast with Jason Graystone
4 June 2020

The FI-Club Podcast with Nipun Kathuria
1 June 2020

The Rodcast with Rod Turner
8 March 2020


“Driving Trends in Office Space” at the Commercial Property Summit
8 January 2020 – London, UK


“Trends Driving Office Space” with PPN Dublin
6 May 2020

“Smart & Healthy Buildings” with Global PropTech
15 October 2019

Radio Shows

Property Matters Podcast with Carol Tallon & Bryan Fox–Robert-Colleran-Property-Consultants–Proptech-TV–February-11th-2020-eaq5rs
11 February 2020

Property Matters Podcast with Carol Tallon & Bryan Fox–September-24th-2019-e5kq4u
24 September 2019

Property Matters Podcast with Carol Tallon & Bryan Fox–June-25th-2019-e4f6mt
25 June 2019

Property Matters Podcast with Carol Tallon & Bryan Fox–April-16th-2019-e3pi85
16 April 2019

Property Matters Podcast with Carol Tallon & Bryan Fox–April-9th-2019-e3n1gk
9 April 2019

Property Matters Podcast with Carol Tallon & Bryan Fox–3—part-1-to-follow-e3auu4
26 February 2019

Video Discussions

Dan Taylor Interviews Gavin Gallagher
5 March 2021

Facebook Live with Jean-Pierre De Villiers
6 November 2020

Property Gamechangers Live with Stephanie Taylor
8 September 2020

Economic After Effects of Covid19 with B Quinn Events
4 May 2020

Sound Bites

Discussing the Future of the Office with Brendan Quinn
4 June 2020

Discussing the Economy Post Covid19 with Brendan Quinn
2 May 2020

Interview with Brendan Quinn & Jack Jiggens
21 February 2020

National Development Summit, London
18 January 2020

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