The Property Investor Roundtable

A free weekly online workshop for anyone looking to make it as a property investor.


Quit your job and live life on your terms?
Scale up your current real estate investment activities?
Transition from property investment to more profitable (and risky) land development?

The freedom and benefit that a passive income can provide are recognised far and wide, and the best path to a passive income is through active property investment and the creation of your own portfolio. However from the outside the property industry can seem complicated and inaccessible.

Frequently you have all the knowledge and the skills required for success, you just lack the confidence to bite the bullet and get started. Or you’re missing a small piece of the puzzle and just need a little advice on how to overcome that current challenge.

Or perhaps you feel you’re lacking the money, time or experience to even take that first step. Sometimes hearing someone else, in a similar position to you, ask a good question and get a useful answer can be all the fuel you need to get started.


If so, you will definitely benefit from my free coaching workshop – The Property Investor Roundtable.

I have been a property investor and developer for over 25 years now. My first deal changed my life when in just a few months I generated the equivalent of 5x my annual salary. I never looked back and within a few years was making 20x that initial annual salary.

I kept building my portfolio and within a few years had accumulated millions in assets. But I was careless in the way I built that initial portfolio and in 2008 the Credit Crunch taught me some very painful lessons. My asset values collapsed and I went from having a million a year in passive income to being more than €16 million under water.

It took me years to dig myself out of that hole and painful as it was, I emerged a much stronger individual and a much wiser investor. The experience taught me many valuable lessons and in the process I have developed a passion for guiding others and shaping their investing habits.

There are many benefits to property investment, but there are also many pitfalls that can turn your experience into a living nightmare. Had I taken the time to learn from a small number of experienced veterans at the time I could have avoided many of those terrible missteps.

You can join my weekly training workshop to learn how to identify opportunities and risks, to understand what it takes to become a successful property investor. The workshop is completely FREE and covers topics like wealth creation, developing the mindset required to preserve your wealth and protect yourself from the risks of a market correction or a struggling economy.

I provide a lot of guidance and advice through my podcast and videos, but my weekly workshop gives you an opportunity to meet me in a live virtual setting where you can ask questions and seek my advice on any aspect of your property investment journey – I look forward to seeing you there.


The Property Investor Roundtable

A free weekly online workshop for anyone looking to make it as a property investor.